Spousal Open Work Permit

Prerequisites for a Canada Spousal Open Work Permit

Here’s what you’ll need to qualify as a candidate for a spousal open work visa.

  • An Indian spouse, currently studying beyond the post secondary level in Canada or doing a temporary job, meant to last more than six months.
  • An Indian spouse working in skill type 0, A, or B as outlined in the National Occupational Classification (NOC).
  • A copy of your legal spouse’s work permit.
  • A note from your spouse’s employer, verifying their current job title, or at the very least, their employment letter.
  • A copy of your spouse’s last few payslips.

Other prerequisites include:

  • Indicate you will leave Canadian soil once your work visa runs out.
  • Prove you have enough finances for your upkeep during your stay in Canada.
  • Provide all documents required by immigration officials at every step of the process.
  • Prove you are healthy through a medical report.
  • Give your written word you’ll obey the law of the land and attach a police clearance certificate.

You must also prove you’ll never:

  • Work for an ineligible employer or one providing escort services, strippers, and massage sessions.
  • Cause harm to Canada or its residents.

NOTE: Your work permit, once approved, will only be valid as long as your partner’s work permit.

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